Royal Belgian Football Experience




Royal Belgian Football Experience is offering a unique opportunity to live an unforgettable 14 days immersed in European Football's elite.
Quick breakdown of what's in the all-inclusive package:
- 5 days of training with UEFA licensed coaches taking place in professional infrastructures.
- 3 day tournament against International teams including 1st division Belgian youth teams where scouts* will be present!
- Tickets to see 4 games (PSG, Borussia Dortmund, Ajax and Club Brugge).
- Sightseeing of beautiful Paris, stunning Amsterdam and charming Brugge
- Visit of Pairi Daiza, Europe's biggest and voted three years consecutively best zoo
- Round-trip flights from USA to Belgium.
- Housing, food* and transportation to and from all events.
Daily Program during training days:
  • 7 45AM Breakfast 

  • 9AM - 1PM Training

  • Lunch 

  • 2PM - 4PM Training 

  • 4PM - 7PM Visit local touristic spots


  • 8PM Free time

All attendees will be under 24 hour supervision by trained staff
Covid safe

Total price, all taxes included: $5299
* Club Brugge and Ajax scouts will be attending among other top flight European teams.*Nutrition based on professional athlete's diet. Kosher, Halal, Vegetarian or Vegan available on demand.




Want to get in touch with us?

Interested in signing up for the Royal Belgian Football Experience? Don't hesitate to contact us. All relative information can be found on   and . Offers are subject to availability at the time of booking.



Royal Belgian Football Expérience
First and last name and home address
Our terms and conditions are an integral part of the contract.

1. How do I sign up ?
Our registrations are only made via our website: www.rbfe.be
Once the registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation email.
Registration for one of our courses implies acceptance of our terms and conditions.
If you encounter a problem during your registration, you can contact us directly on the following email: rbfe@gmail.com.

2. How do I pay ?
The total amount as well as its method of payment will be mentioned on your confirmation.
3. Cancellation and refund.
Our non-profit organization offers programs in the form of all-inclusive packages including accommodation, transportation, food, as well as other activities.
Any cancellation will therefore not be refunded.
4. Voucher
If you have a voucher, please contact us via email and mention the amount.
If your voucher is of lesser value than the price of the program, you will have to pay the difference.
If the amount of the voucher is greater than the price of the program, a new voucher will be returned to you at its fair value (the expiration date of the voucher will also be extended).

5. Medical conditions
If the participant has any medical conditions that need to be known, it is mandatory to notify us when registering via the website.

6. Insurance Policy
During the entire program, each participant is insured through our policy which covers injury, illness, or material damage. Those in charge will be the only people responsible to decide of any treatment, hospitalization or medical intervention if necessary.
You authorize local doctors to make the appropriate decisions to provide for your child's health needs.
7. Copyright of Pictures/Videos
During the course of the entire program, we film and photograph the participants. If you do not want these photos or videos to be used or displayed on our various media platforms, please send us an email on the following email address: rbfe@gmail.com
8. Loss – Theft – Damages
RBFE and Game Time declines all responsibility in the event of loss, theft or damage to personal belongings. Under no circumstances can the organization be held responsible for such events.

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